From Blessed Orji
(For Family Writer)
Tribalism, primitively, tyranny, show
of shame and great defeat to the
principles of democracy and rule of
law it is unfortunate that indigenous
people of Biafra are at the receiving
and brim of extermination owing to
the executive rascality of Islamic
Nigeria state. There is incessant
massacre, illegal arrest and
imprisonment of Biafrans. There is
wider hounding, harassment,
humiliation of Biafrans in their
homes, offices market places etc by
Islamic Nigeria Army and police.
There is targeted shooting of women,
youths and children peacefully
demonstrating the continued
confinement of Director Radio Biafra
and leader of the Indigenous people
of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
There is the violence of under
reportage by the Nigeria press on the
dangerous bombings, and unchecked
police brutality on IPOB families and
abuse of human rights.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was abducted by
Nigeria Islamic secret police in Lagos
on 19th of October,2015 on his way
back to Biafra land from his
missionary journey to Americas,
Asia,Europe, far East,Australia and
the Carribean. The “Biafra Herald”
reliably gathered that he was taken in
chains to a torture chamber, brutally
maltreated and left to bleed to death
the plans by Nigeria government to
kill him on Sunday 21st October, 2015
as was contained in a secret memo
from Nigeria DSS director to BUHARI,
this provoked the Nigeria state to
(secretly) hurry his arraignment
before an Abuja magistrate court zone
2,Abuja Nigeria. The following were
the charges against him. 1. Conspiracy
2. Managing and belonging to
unlawful society. 3. Criminal
intimidation contrary to section
97,97b,and 397 of the penal code
( applicable in Northern Nigeria) His
bail conditions includes the following:
1. A cash of #2 million naira 2. A
serving civil servant (surety) of grade
level 16 that has landed property in
Abuja metropolis the case was
adjourned for trial on 18th
November, 2015.
While we wait for the trial date, let us
consider critically the stringent bail
condition. 1. It is absolutely
unreasonable attaching the cash sum
of #2 million naira bond surety to the
bail condition on a soft action or
crime seen as unacceptable in the
eyes of the law, which has lesser
punishments on conviction. 2. The
cost of a plot of land, the market
value of properties in Abuja
metropolis is extremely exorbitant;
can a Nigeria civil servant afford it?
WE find it strange that Buhari’s
Islamic (dictatorial) government of
Nigeria can happily; (1) set free over
380 bokoharam members detained for
colossal destruction of lives and
properties without trial for
treasonable felony. 2. Re admit back
to the Army and police, officers
dismissed for conspiracy, mutiny and
complicity in the bokoharam (fight)
saga without trial and stringent bail
condition. 4. Recall back Mr. ZAKARI
BIU, commissioner of police, Abuja,
dismissed for conspiracy, complicity
after an independent investigation
indicted him for manipulating the
escape from prison of Bokoharam
kingpin, commander Yusuf (a.k.a
KABIRU SOKOTO) that masterminded
the Christmas day bombing of Roman
Catholic Church, Magdalla Niger State.
4. Distributing hardcore bokoharam
members to Ekwulobia, Aba, Onitsha,
Enugu, Port Harcourt in Biafra land
instead of arraigning them for
treason, with very harsh bail
conditions 5. Giving maximum
support for Hamas, a certified
terrorist sect asking for Palestinian
state, but choose to repress with
military force Indigenous people of
Biafra asking for freedom and
restoration of Biafra land 6.
Protecting Bokoharam members
camouflaging as “herdsmen” with
Army Identity card freely clutching
guns, killings, maiming, kidnapping,
raping women and ravaging Biafra
land Buhari with his revengeful
tribalistic tendencies, without regard
to rule of national and international
laws arrested Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,a
missionary preaching the gospel of
Biafra restoration. A meek and
gentleman that has never shed any
blood or destroyed properties, A man
leading the most peaceful and law
abiding Indigenous people on earth.
A man simply asking for his freedom
and restoration of his native country,
It is unarguably true that the
presiding magistrate is parasitic to
Buhari and the Islamic state of
Nigeria; and was hurriedly arranged
to be remote controlled by desperate
evil machinations and elements in
government to perpetually reprimand
director of radio Biafra and (IPOB)
worldwide leader, Mazi Nnamdi
Kanu, using manipulated judicial
process. He must be released and
Biafra will come; for Biafra is the
sign post in the struggle for the
freedom of Black man on earth. Long
live Nnamdi Kanu. Chukwuokike
Abiama bless Biafra Isee isee isee.

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