Pro-Hillary EPA contractor spread FALSE STORY that Trump was shutting down its climate data service

These liars and saboteurs need to be sent packing. Now. Enough is enough. Drain the swamp, already. “Trump Is Not Shutting Down the EPA’s Data Service,” by Elizabeth Harrington, Washington Free Beacon, April 24, 2017: A contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency who was “devastated” … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Leftists Hold Pathetic Anti-Trump Tax Day Protest, “Show Us Your Tax Return” – NYC

Privileged white upper-class New York Marxists march against Trump, full of self-righteousness and avidly virtue-signaling. The big issue? Not jihad terror. Not North Korea. Not any genuine threat or problem. These tools were upset about Trump’s tax returns — a non-issue that already … [Read more...]

Holocaust Remembrance Day: EU vows to ‘make sure Jews feel totally safe in Europe’ as Jews FLEE Europe

The idea that the EU can or would keep the Jews safe is specious. It was their policy to import a veritable army of violent Jew haters. These cretins can’t protect themselves from jihad terror, how could they possible hope to save their Jews? Jews are fleeing Europe en masse and with good … [Read more...]