Minneapolis: Single felony weapons charge for Muslims discovered with ARSENAL and BOMB-MAKING MATERIAL

“The good Samaritan is outraged the charges aren’t more serious. ‘For what they found in their car, that is way too light,’ he said.” Why are authorities not charging these two Muslims fully? Are they afraid of reprisals from Muslims in Minneapolis? “Growing Concern Over Brothers Arrested … [Read more...]

Students at Manchester jihad bomber’s university “tried to BLOCK Government anti-terror scheme” because it “DEMONIZES MUSLIMS”

Leftists and Muslims, on campus and off, consistently oppose counterterror efforts because they supposedly demonize Muslims. Meanwhile, the jihad terror threat is very real and growing quickly. What would the students at Salford University say now, after their former schoolmate Salman Abedi … [Read more...]

UK: Muslim found guilty of jihad plot to target railway with homemade bomb of Christmas lights and pressure cooker

The war continues, every day. The jihadis take no breaks. Only the kuffar are sleeping. This BBC article says “he became radicalised reading books and websites in his bedroom.” How does anyone know that? Has his mosque been investigated? Why not? “Zahid Hussain guilty of fairy lights bomb … [Read more...]