This Marine’s Epic Response To Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech Will Wake America The Hell Up

President Barack Obama took the stage yesterday for the last time, in a farewell speech that summed up his Presidency, to a crowd of die-hard liberals. Here’s some highlights from Obama’s speech: However, one marine known only as “J” contacted us to publish his response to Obama’s farewell … [Read more...]

Pope Francis tells Muslim migrants: ‘You MUST respect the laws and culture of host countries’ – Muslim migrants response, LOL

THE LEADER of the Catholic church has taken an unprecedented step of speaking out on the migrant crisis demanding foreigners adhere to laws and religious traditions in their host countries. By SIOBHAN MCFADYEN In a very unusual step Pope Francis said indigenous populations should not … [Read more...]

There is only one country on Earth that can lay claim to having the most powerful Air Force – can you guess which one?

The Israeli Defense Forces is the strongest military in the Middle East in spite of its relatively small size, according to a new ranking by Business Insider. The Israeli Air Force was ranked as not only the best air force in the Middle East, but in the entire world. Once considered the … [Read more...]

Did you know that $770,000,000 of YOUR hard earned tax money went to renovate mosques overseas under Obama?

Seven hundred and seventy million dollars. That’s right, Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton conspired together to send nearly $1 billion to the Middle East to renovate mosques. The United States government – U.S. taxpayers – have $770 million to spend on mosque renovation but the … [Read more...]